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Chip can be very clever and creative in rhythm and artwork. He sometimes misuses his cleverness by being silly or noisy.

- Alice Barrett
Chip’s Kindergarten Teacher

Dear Chip,
Your work for the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board is just great. Brilliant. One of the biggest ideas I have seen in all my days at FCB. I’ve never known anyone in the business that has the gifts you have. You’re a great writer, an excellent presenter. But more important, you have ideas, not just ad ideas, campaign ideas. Plus, that you’re one hell of a person.

- Louis A. Centlivre
EVP, Managing Director of Creative, FCB

Chip, I just saw the videotape you did for Kraft’s Crusade of Mercy drive, and I must tell you that I am awed by your talents. You’ve heard me refer often to “intense personal pride” that all of us should have in our work. Your outstanding effort on this project is one of the most shining examples of this pride.

- Bruce Mason
Chairman, FCB